brewery days

Guinness Side GateDocumentary on Newstalk recently aired my documentary BREWERY DAYS, that looks at the lives of those who worked in the world-within-a-world that was Guinness’s in the Sixties and Seventies.

Using a lively mix of interviews, location recordings, sound effects, and topical news stories and music, Brewery Days follows the journey of one employee from boyhood to manhood in Ireland’s most famous brewery.

Quotes from BREWERY DAYS:

“Some very clever person came up with the idea of using the Storehouse, which had been lying vacant. And now it’s Ireland’s number one fee-paying attraction.” Paul Carty, Diageo.

“You had handball, bowls, tennis, soccer, gaelic, pitch and putt, rugby, hockey, cricket, table tennis, snooker and darts -The Iveagh Ground was a mecca.” Alan Clarke, former Guinness employee.

“The first time I asked her out she wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not, because it was April Fools’ Day” Michael Manners.   “I met loads of people at the Guinness table tennis club – including my future husband.” Anne Manners.

“The early Seventies was the cusp of change between the old manual way of brewing and the new, more automated way of brewing that we do now.” Eibhlinn Roche, archivist.

“We were involved in a very competitive situation with our sister brewery in London, and it was always kind of held over us that there was a possibility that they could take over the Irish trade.” Bob Kerr, former brewer.

“The punch room had about fourteen girls; the main frame computer had a huge room to itself and its own air conditioning; and the hard drives were mini-cabinets.” Jean Roche, former computer operator.

BREWERY DAYS was edited by Orla Rogers and written and produced by Brian Gallagher.  The programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee.

BREWERY DAYS can be listened to as a podcast at: