Winds of Change

Winds of Change explores the challenges faced by three Irish children against the backdrop of Land League agitation, evictions and boycotting in 1880’s Ireland. The story is told through the eyes of Clara Parkinson, Molly O’Hara, and Aidan Daly, whose contrasting circumstances result in differing responses to the unfolding turmoil.

Despite their differing backgrounds, Clara, Aidan, and Molly become friends – a friendship that in the tinderbox climate of the Land War brings real physical dangers. Meanwhile Molly has to grapple with her divided loyalties when her father takes part in evictions with the Royal Irish Constabulary.

Interspersed with time-slip elements from the present day, with student Garret Byrne exploring his family’s past, the story is set during the pivotal period of late 1880 to early 1881, a time when the face of Ireland was changing forever, with dramatic – and sometimes shocking – consequences for our cast of characters.

Winds of Change – Teaching Guide