The most spectacular assassination ever staged – and they’ve eight days to prevent it. Already the clock is ticking…

When journalist Laura Kennedy breaks the law in chasing a story, she tells herself that it’s worth it. But she doesn’t bargain on making an enemy of Abdullah Majid. And enemies don’t come any deadlier. A ruthless and highly resourceful assassin, Majid’s mission is to kill every Foreign Minister in the EU.

Desperately trying to stop him are police officers Jack Thompson and Penny Harte who are responsible for security at the Harrogate conference that Majid has targeted.

As dramas are played out in Budapest, Dublin, Lebanon and Marbella, Laura Kennedy finds herself on the trail of a truly lethal quarry. And as the battle of wits develops and the hunters unexpectedly become the hunted, Laura, Penny and Thompson team up, only to be forced into the toughest of decisions.

How prepared are they to put their own lives on the line – if that’s the price of stopping slaughter on a terrifying scale…